Road Safety Tips for women

Today we thought it useful to share this infographic we stumbled upon regarding road safety for women.

We find that the driving habits & mannors we have here in the Middle East are very different from Europian countries and can prove to be very dangerous for thos who are not already accustomed to them.

So without any further a due, here are some tips for women to bare in mind when on the road.

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  1. Under “In case of breakdown” you should add “and don’t panic and keep calm”
    “Check Fluids regularly” – I don’t think any woman here in UAE would do that! Unless they get the maids do that for them. :-)

  2. Very nice post really. But for me, i always sure about my car and never looking for anybody trying to signal in any cases. Ladies driving more better than men.

    • Thank you khadija for your comment. Yes women are much more cautious drivers than men and this is a good thing especially with driving in the UAE ;)

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