Child Car Safety In UAE

Car accidents account for a staggering 40% of child deaths in the world. Parents often rely on new car safety features, but despite the advancements made in the car industry and innovative road safety measures, research proves road accidents to be the most common cause of death among children.

There is currently no clear legislation in place in the region with regards to small children being secured in car seats or booster seats, so education is the best method in spreading the word on the importance in safety while traveling with your infant or child. The only way to ensure your child’s safety is to implement preventive measures and install the right type of travel device for your child.

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You should always ensure that your child’s car seat is correctly installed. Ask for help from the retailer to put the seat correctly in place when you buy it. Make sure that you correctly install the infant seat before you head to the hospital, that way it’s already ready and in place for when you need to take your new baby home. Sitting in the rear of the car with your baby in your arms is negligent, and in the event of an accident can prove fatal.

Keep these few safety measures in mind when driving with your child or children in the car:

Always slowdown in advance when approaching a traffic signal.

Always use a hands free device while driving

Check your speed regularly

Use the child safety lock when traveling with your children

Never leave your children or baby unattended in the car (even if you think it will only be for a minute)

Ensure that child seats are installed correctly, secure and used on every journey

Never place a rear facing baby seat on the front passenger seat, particularly with an active airbag.

Check that the metal buckles of seat belts are not too hot for your child to avoid burns and discomfort, make sure the car temprature is safe and cool enough before setting off.

Install window shades on the car windows closest to your child to protect them from the sun.

Ensure any baggage is safely secured so that your baby or young children are not in any risk of being hit with any falling or flying bag.

Smoking with your child in the car (under the age of 12) is against the law

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